Sudanese Nubian Association UK


Men's group

We have a weekly men's social group on Saturdays in Ladbroke Grove.

Women's group

We have a monthly women's group, where we provide advice and information.

School Holiday Activities

We run activities for women and children during school holidays, including educational and leisure trips and parties.

Services available in Arabic and Nubian.

About Us

Founded in 1998, the Sudanese Nubian Association UK (SNA) works to address the needs of Nubian community in the UK. The regularly host cultural events and provide support to members of the community.

Promoting and assisting in the integration of recently arrived refugees and asylum seekers, SNA provides support to vulnerable people by sharing information and knowledge on life and culture of the UK using one to one and group support services.

Those who are new to the country seldom have family or friend networks and are highly susceptible to isolation and exclusion, which is often exacerbated by language barriers. Some members of the Nubian community are only able to communicate in the Nubian language, which increases their isolation owing to the lack of resources available in Nubian. SNA provides comprehensive support to these members of the community, delivering culturally competent services while acknowledging that many community members have long-standing traumas stemming from conflict in Sudan.

SNA holds a number of community events designed to alleviate isolation in the community, where people can begin to socialise and build networks. In addition, they hold workshops depending on the needs of the community. Previous workshops have focussed on female genital mutilation, parenting in the UK and the UK education system.

SNA is currently run by volunteers.


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