Hodan Somali Community

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Outreach and Advocacy

We engage in outreach to engage with the most isolated members of our community.

Health and Exercise

We run exercise classes, including culturally competent women-only classes.

Elder's and Carer's Support

We offer support to the elderly members in our community and their carers.

Services available in Somali.

About Us

Hodan Somali Community (HSC) was set up in 2005, following the closure of the Somali Welfare Association in 2004.

Addressing the needs of the most vulnerable groups, HSC serves the elderly, people with disabilities and people seeking mental health support. Their services are also heavily accessed by women who experience difficulties with engaging with mainstream service due to language and cultural barriers.

Their main services centre around empowering and engaging their service users to lessen their isolation.

They deliver activities designed to promote social inclusion among the Somali and wider BME community in to British society, including social outings, information sessions in partnership with statutory services and participation in voluntary and statutory sector consultations.

For more information, visit their website by clicking here.

Get in touch...

If you would like to connect with Hodan Somali Community, please contact Musawa's co-ordinator at anneka@musawa.org.uk