Eritrean Parent’s and Children’s Association

EPCA School

We run an established Supplementary School on Saturdays in Ladbroke Grove. The School runs from 9.30am - 4:00pm and offers classes up to GCSE level in Arabic, Quran, Cultural Studies, English and Maths. We also offer extracurricular activities in Taekwondo, Chess, Arts and Drama and museum visits.

Women's Health and Wellbeing Group

We run a weekly women's health and wellbeing group.

Family Summer Trips

We run affordable Summer trips for families and arrange group travel, accommodations and activities.

Services available in Arabic, Tigre & Tigrinyan.

About Us

The Eritrean Parent's and Children's Association (EPCA) was established in 1992 due to the growing numbers of refugees arriving in North Kensington from Kuwait, Libya, Iraq and Eritrea. Many refugees were in temporary accommodation, which is where EPCA was first conceptualised.

EPCA was initially set up with the aim to help community members meet and break social isolation and to help children learn the English language. Committee members eventually identified trends among the local refugee community and began to deliver services to address needs including immigration and accommodation problems.

Today, EPCA serves a diverse range of local BME communities, including Eritrean, Somali, Algerian, Libyan, Sudanese, Ethiopian and Moroccan groups.

EPCA aims to:

  • provide extra educational support to children in a friendly, caring environment, taking in to account their cultural and language needs
  • provide a safe and supportive learning environment that promotes a sense of respect for self and others, develop each child's spiritual, moral, social and intellectual capacity to become a responsible and successful citizen
  • help them improve educational attainment, overcome barriers to learning and boost their confidence
  • provide the children with tuition complementary to the education received at school (we also aim to develop a working partnership with parents and mainstream schools
  • run relevant workshops for parents and act as a source of information for other relevant services and activities that benefits the communities at large
  • celebrate our diversity and the contribution that all members of our multi-cultural community can make to the school

Get in touch...

If you would like to connect with the Eritrean Parent's and Children Association, please contact Musawa's co-ordinator at