Eritrean Elder’s Welfare Association


Thursday Befriending Club: 5:30pm - 9pm

Friday Women-only Befriending Club


Both clubs take place in Ladbroke Grove.


EEWA can refer it's service users to relevant services.


EEWA volunteers regularly provide Tigrinyan translation services for their clients.

Services available in Tigrinyan.

About us

The Eritrean Elder's Welfare Association (EEWA) has operated in RBKC since 2000. Initially set up by several elderly people from the Eritrean community, they intend to address the high levels of loneliness and isolation faced by their elders. As the majority of their service users came to the UK as refugees, many have ongoing war trauma, long-term injuries and have experienced human rights violations.

Aiming to facilitate greater levels of inclusion in their community, EEWA's volunteers regularly undertake home and hospital visits for their service users.

EEWA also arranges discussions that foster intergenerational links with the older and younger generations, encouraging young people to get involved with supporting community elders.

EEWA is currently run by volunteers.

Get in touch...

If you would like to connect with the Eritrean Elder's Welfare Association, please contact Musawa's co-ordinator at