Community Needs Assessment

"What did the people in Grenfell Tower think? Nobody knows... Did they have the fear that something like that would happen to them? Were they scared?
Nobody knows because nobody ever asked them."
We are pleased to launch our report: "Maybe things can change": A BME Community Needs Assessment after Grenfell.
This report is a comprehensive needs analysis, done in partnership with 14 grassroots community groups working in Kensington & Chelsea and surrounding Grenfell-affected areas.
Carrying out 22 focus groups, we spoke to 289 people from 30+ BME communities, asking them about their strengths and needs and what services they would like to see addressing these needs.
nubian group
iranian group1

What participants said about the research:

"This is the first time I have been exposed to a meeting like this and I am very happy I came."

"I feel I exist."

"We don't think we're alone, because someone came to listen to us."

Click to read our report.

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