About Us

Musawa was initiated in response to the Grenfell Tower fire.
Our member organisations were deeply impacted by the disaster, with many losing their service users and friends. In the days following the fire, it was recognised that local grassroots community organisations were carrying out significant emergency response and were key in acting as conduits between affected residents and statutory services.
In the period after Grenfell, it was recognised that although the BME community organisations were instrumental in community response, they remained fragmented and lacking in resources needed to effectively respond to community needs.
The Musawa BME Consortium was formed to bridge this gap.
As our partner organisations are deeply embedded within the communities they serve, we are able to reach the most vulnerable and isolated members of our community, who are often the most distanced from mainstream services.
Recognising that the tragedy at Grenfell Tower was emblematic of the entrenched poverty and inequality in Kensington & Chelsea, Musawa partners are committed to delivering joint services to address the needs of our community.